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Learn Hebrew Online

What Israelis mean
when they say "Die!"


We teach modern, real-life Hebrew from the heart of Tel Aviv

Real-Life Hebrew

We teach everyday dialogues
with modern Hebrew & slang

Real-Time Dynamics

We create a fast paced & high
energy learning environment

Real Moments of Success

We train your speaking muscles
and boost your confidence

Intimate Classes

Maximum 12 students per class

11 Hebrew Levels

Beginners to advanced classes

Time Efficient

Twice-weekly, 90-minute lessons

Online / on-Campus

Join us from anywhere in the world

Students Stories


Citizen Café student


Citizen Café student


Citizen Café student
"Citizen Café is not an average Hebrew course, it is a whole community of people who love to teach and learn. The format is unique to the way language learning is normally taught and I absolutely love it! I have made tremendous progress with Hebrew in just a single semester. I recommend Citizen Café to anyone who wants to learn Hebrew in a natural, fun, and engaging way."
josiah williams review
Josiah Williams
"The lessons and the practice sessions are fast-paced, engaging, and do a great job lesson by lesson, and practice session by practice session, building your knowledge of Hebrew, your ear for Hebrew, and your confidence speaking Hebrew. You leave every lesson and practice session energized and wanting more. I have yet to find a better Hebrew language course, and I can't wait until my next semester begins!"
Jon Riskind
"I am really grateful to the teams of Citizen Café Tel Aviv and now only wish this same method and friendly, trustworthy company existed in every single language."
Garance Gattfastein
"It's a really engaging way to teach, and perfect for what I need: a way to learn how to talk without too much theory but a lot of fun practice. I will definitely take more semesters."
alexandre reviews
Alexandre Djebelan
"I truly enjoyed my Citizen Café online course, I learned a lot of functional and conversational Hebrew. The instructor, Ilana, is super supportive. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to quickly improve their Hebrew language skills."
Rachel Yakar
Rachel Yakar
"This is the best way to learn Hebrew because it's relevant, fun and easy to remember. After just 1 or 2 lessons, it's easy to apply what you've learnt in the streets and talking to Israeli friends."
Pattice Miller
"Citizen's Café has transformed my Hebrew. I now speak confidently and understand others with ease. The classes are fun and engaging, and are relatively small, giving everybody an opportunity to engage with each other and the language. Plus, Citizen's Café provides practice groups that you can join weekly. The practice groups really compliment the classes by providing an extra opportunity to practice and learn. If you want to improve your Hebrew skills in a low pressure, extremely effective program, check out Citizen's Café!"
Amy Nelson
"It's one thing to learn the alphabet and grammatical rules, it's an entirely separate question to speak practically to other people in Hebrew on an almost daily basis. I only have praise for the process at Citizen Café. Here, you put your notebook down, you build trust with your teachers and with your fellow students. It's a non-judgemental environment where we learn by trying and making mistakes - it's a wonderful process that mimics how you learned your native language in the first place; by listening, observing, speaking and repeating that process in a meaningful way."
raya reviews
Raya White

Exceptional Teachers

Highly trained & outstanding people

Community Managers

Personalized assistance suited for you

Like-Minded People

Create connections that'll go along

Hebrew Gym Practices

Extra 60-minute sessions


We teach real people how to communicate with real people in the real world. This is why our method focuses, first and foremost, on the most spoken, modern, and relevant Hebrew. We help you practice your speaking muscles and make Hebrew feel intuitive and effortless. 

We have online classes as well as in-person classes in our campus in Tel Aviv. Our class times are available for all time zones, and you’ll be able to learn Hebrew with people from all over the world! 

We know, most of us have a certain vision in mind when thinking about Zoom classes, but trust us… We do it differently. We pride ourselves in our dynamic, fun, and effective learning method which we specifically designed for the digital era. 

By booking a free intro session with one of our teachers over Zoom! You’ll get to learn some Hebrew, see what our method is all about, and find out which level is right for you. Don’t worry, no need to practice beforehand, and you don’t even need to bring a notebook! We like to show our prospective students exactly what we offer and we also like to make real connections 🙂

Yes! We are famous for our live online Hebrew courses taught by our teachers in Tel Aviv. We have class times available for all time zones, and you’ll be able to learn Hebrew with people from all over the world! We pride ourselves in our dynamic, fun, and effective learning method which we specifically designed for the digital era.

Yes! Our main focus is conversational Hebrew, but we of course also teach all the essentials you need when you learn any language including reading, writing, and grammar. We just do it in our own unique way 😉

We offer an alternative to the traditional Hebrew ulpan with our unique Hebrew method. We do not accept government vouchers.

Level Chart

Students may join each practice group of their level and one level below.