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How to be yourself (also) in Hebrew


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Your Hebrew is great. You know a lot of words, you’re pretty good with conjugations and you even remember when to use the different prepositions (well, most of the time). Yet still, you don’t feel like you can express your true self?

This is a very common feeling among language learners, and it’s all about language flexibility – an acquired skill that takes practice, experience and… well, even some courage and a willing to change old habits.

In this workshop, we will help you bridge the gap between who you are in your mother tongue and who you are when speaking Hebrew. 

Express yourself with passion!

This workshop is a series of highly focused practices, all aimed to get you to express yourself easily

  • Introducing yourself in Hebrew with confidence and pride
  • Delivering a presentation in Hebrew in front of an Israeli audience
  • Expressing emotions and feelings in Hebrew
  • Speaking Hebrew intuitively
  • Improving your accent in Hebrew 
You know the scenario – it could be in an online meeting, at a boardroom table, or even in an elevator or a coffee shop – an Israeli asks you to introduce yourself. Suddenly, your brain goes into hyperdrive. How do I introduce myself in Hebrew, with the exact nuances and substances suiting the situation and Israeli listeners? By the end of this unit, you will acquire a set of introduction paragraphs and will be able to adjust and use them to introduce yourself in Hebrew with confidence and pride.

Delivering the perfect oral presentation in your native language is a challenge that requires practice. Great orators become excellent public speakers through years of dedicated practice. It becomes even more challenging when you are asked to do it in Hebrew for Israelis…

By the end of the unit, you will learn practical hacks on how to create your own presentation, professional or personal, and present it to an Israeli audience confidently.

We feel more comfortable using our mother tongue for counting, thinking, dreaming, and mainly – expressing emotions. In Hebrew we might overthink, worry about being judged, or struggle to simply be understood and get the sympathy we feel we deserve.

By the end of the unit, you will feel more comfortable talking about your feelings in Hebrew. As we practice it in class, we promise to provide a safe and supportive environment.

  • 10 Online 1.5 hrs classes
  • Small, intimate groups
  • Personal 1:1 practice 
  • Community of like-minded people

This time, it’s not about learning new words or grammar, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin (and language).
Create your own personal pitch, learn how to introduce yourself in any situation and most importantly – build your way deeper to immersion into Hebrew culture.

The workshop is for Citizen Café students and past students only. We strive to create groups of students with the same level of Hebrew. In order to enroll, you will get in touch with one of our Community advisors.

The workshop method focuses on participatory, hands-on learning; small-group activity and problem-solving; pair and small-group discussions; etc. The active nature of this experience will keep you motivated while you participate and learn.

Based on the Citizen Café approach, each lesson is fast paced, high energy and super effective. 

(Not so) Basic Requirements

This workshop is suitable for advanced students in Freedom Tier or equivalent (Dark Green, Indigo, Purple)

Kindly note 💛 all participants will go through a chat with our community first, to make sure they fit in 


Learn how to tell stories in Hebrew!

When trying to interact in Hebrew, you inevitably leave part of who you are behind. It’s impossible to be the exact same person because you are faced with different words and customs, interpretations, expectations, and even body language.
In this workshop, we will confront the gap between who we are in our mother tongue and who we are when speaking Hebrew. By discovering how to align your Hebrew words, actions, and behaviours with who you really are, we will explore the process of becoming authentic in a new language and culture.

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How to be yourself (also) in Hebrew

Learn how to tell professional and personal stories in Hebrew!


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How to be yourself (also) in Hebrew

No strings attached!

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