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3 Pros of Learning Hebrew Online

Imagine this: it’s the night before a meeting or class at 8:30 am. You set your alarm to 6 am. You wake up, take a shower and get dressed. Then you leave the house and choose the least annoying way to commute – whether it’s sitting in your car through unbearable morning traffic or squeezing in a tiny bus or metro alongside hundred of other people. When arriving at your destination, you still have to say hi to your co-workers or peers, maybe have a polite small talk as to not come across rude. Only then do you get to where you were heading for about 2 hours before. Sounds awful, right?

Luckily, we’re not in 2019 anymore. Yes, the Covid era was rough on all of us, but it did have one positive thing – distant learning and working online is now finally a thing. From knitting to cooking to languages, you can learn pretty much anything while chilling on your couch. While it’s true that nothing quite matches the personal touch of face-to-face interactions, distant learning brings its own set of undeniable perks. Here are only some of the pros that we put emphasis on when it comes to studying a language online:

1. Learn from the Convenience of Your Own Home

Think about it: no more battling traffic to make it to class, no need to meticulously plan your ETA and align your schedule accordingly, and best of all, bid farewell to those fancy office pants – you can simply stay snug in your sweatpants! On top of that, you can freely practice all the Hebrew phrases you’re learning without any interruptions.

2. Connect with Fellow Language Enthusiasts

There’s nothing quite like bonding with people who share your interests and passions. When it comes to language learning, it’s not always easy to find such like-minded individuals in your local area. By joining an online course, you open up the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people, forging lifelong friendships and valuable connections along the way.

3. Take Advantage of Digital Learning Benefits

When it comes to online language learning, there are a few challenges you may face. One of the big questions is: can digital platforms truly replicate the natural flow of real conversations and provide immediate feedback like traditional classrooms do? This feedback is essential for improving your language skills. The key is finding the right balance—combining the convenience and innovation of online learning with essential elements like having a supportive community and the ability to chat in real-time.

We know, a lot of people have a bad experience when it comes to distant learning: boring Zoom meeting, teachers with no charisma and a tendency to let the outside world interrupt while you’re trying to focus on class. That is why we, at Citizen Café, did our best to make the most out of online learning. We’ve developed a unique approach to teaching Hebrew, integrating tech features into our classes to enhance the learning experience. We’ve also trained the most fun, energetic teachers to make sure you’re always on your toes and are never distracted by anything else around you. We’re not just an alternative to your typical classroom; we offer a complete upgrade.

But don’t take our word for it. Come see for yourself! 

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The Method

The Citizen Café method is based on three guiding principles that fall under the category of social-emotional learning

Real-Life Hebrew

Learn everyday dialogues with modern Hebrew & slang

Real-Time Dynamics

Practice in a fast paced & high energy learning environment

Real Moments of Success

Train your speaking muscles and boost your confidence

Speak Hebrew like a local

Soak up the Tel Aviv vibe and embrace its unique energy, right from the comfort of your home

The Teachers

We take a lot of pride in our diverse Hebrew teachers, who make the Citizen Café experience so special and exciting.

Yaniv Yafe


Daniella Tourgeman


Noa Lara Meir

Writer & Circus Artist

Trusted by the Global Leading Companies

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Aleeza Ben Shalom shares her experience with us

Our amazing student, and star of Netflix’s hit show “Jewish Matchmaking”, about learning Hebrew at Citizen Café:

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